Dog Chester Loves The Ocean But Doesn’t Want To Get His Feet Wet, Meet Hilarious Chester!


Dogs seem to have their own kind of logic. Sometimes, their owners also find it hard to understand their gestures and actions.

But these turn out to be an excellent source of happy vibes for the family. The dog Chester in this story is a perfect example. He loves the sea but not the idea of getting his feet wet. And this always makes his family laugh. Keep scrolling.

Chester is an extremely silly, active dog. And this has never changed since the day he was a puppy. The goofball dares to express opinions and raises his voice. If he doesn’t like or want to do anything, he will show you his thinking.

Chester’s mom told the media: “He’s a total goofball and always has us laughing,”. “With his constant derping and sassy huffs or side-eye glances, I swear, he’s practically human!” She continued.

When Chester’s family plan for a trip to the beach, he always joins in, but not with much interest. The silly guy has always been curious about the pools, ocean, lakes, baths but gets nervous when coming here.

The silly boy still runs around and plays on the beach but he never thinks of getting it feet wet. Literally.

When the waves are approaching him, he quickly leaps away. This becomes his “traditional” reaction to the waves every time he goes to the beach. And this hilarious scene always brings laughs to his family. How an adorable guy.

Chester’s family really wants him to get along well with the water but this might take time. Chester has strong opinions about that. He still attends swimming lessons but he doesn’t get comfortable with the waves that make his feet wet.

“Now, he’ll go in, but he still hesitates here and there or jumps over the waves (usually a really poorly timed jump),” Chester’s mom said.

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