Video. The puppy was brought from a cruel owner, and the dog did not stop looking at the wall all day long


This is a story about a dog whose name is Angel. Friendship shifted his life abruptly. The dog was rescued by volunteers after being treated badly and in a rude way. The owner did not think about his pet any longer.

The dog was not social and did not believe anybody.  The members of the animal shelter tried to give the dog to recovery with other dog.

To recover the state of the dog, they applied to a attentive dog breeder and took a dog having the same age as this puppy.

The gathering with the other dogs and Angel was very cheerful and the shelter members started to admit that the puppy Angel  and his new partners were like brothers and sisters.

The puppy Angel started to change rapidely. Firat of all his health got better. His hair that were lacking started to grow faster as his stress passed. The dog also did not stand and look at the wall and started to socialize with his surroundings.

The positive changes on the dog health and appearance made it easier to find a forever home. Nowdays he and his sister have a very friendly and caring family.

The new owners of the dog do their best for the comfort and care of the puppy. And seeing his new photos one can see that he is cheerful and very lively. He just enjoys his life.

Here is the video of the lovely puppy:

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