Video. Heroic act. How two men who went for fishing could rescue two abondened cats in water by their former owner


The time Brandon Key and Jason Frost decided to go in for fishing in Alabama. They did not even think that what cute creatures they would see and save.

They did not even consider that this activity would be a cat catching not fishing at all. They saved two cats that came from the shore to look for security on their boat. It seemed there was one cat, but after the first cat came the second one.

Although the two kittens were scared and all wet. They were very thankful to the men who saved their life. Unluckily, they were left all alone by the former owner.

After coming to the land, the men saw a family that adored these two kittens and took the kittens for adoption.

The cats are now named as Warrior and River. They really deserve to be loved and taken care of after thier unemotional and rude owners. Now they have a lovely forever home. Thanks to these kind hearted people they are safe and sound.

Here is the video:

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