The rude owner of the dog left him abandoned outdoors after knowing that he has a cancer. Luckily a kind man noticed and helped this cute creature


The dog’s rude owner left her dog rather than curing her when the tumors got bigger. But gratefully, the dog was brought to a vet after being saved.

Unluckily, that the poor dog suffered from cancer and there was a need of operation that was not legally disqualified.

The poor puppy could not even move his tail because of big tumors growing on her body. But although the dog was in pain she pretended to be cheerful  and cute creature.

Fortunately, after being cured, he was taken for adoption by a lovely family, who made a decision to put this dog out of misery and let her enjoy her life fully.

As an answer to this, Libby felt this warmth and always showed his love.

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