A dog all her body covered in cancerous tumors was on the edge of death


In Mexico it is considered that there are nearly 1 million unsheltered puppies. This story is about a stray dog named Boby. He is 2 years old. He is a brown coloured dog.

Unfortunately, the dog was starving from hunger and thirst and looking for somewhere to live under the rain and storm, he was all in injures and tumors.

These tumors were from many tumors growing on his body.

Many months the dog was neglected and became more and more sick, somebody at last
was sorry for him and brought him to Daria Gamez, who is an animal promoter, who took him to an animal clinic.

The state of the dog was critical and there were cancerous tumors on his skin.The vets made a decision to fight against the illness. They must give the dog a second chance to survive, although he was exhausted and very thin.

The dog was given chemotherapy and many curing procedures. After nearly 2 months he started to get better. His health state got better, Gamez fed the dog properly and took care of him.

After some time everybody who knew the story of this dog wanted to see the dog. Even the cancerous tumors on her skin disappeared due to this woman.

Luckily, the dog is rescued and has a loving forever home. The dog became playful, safe and sound.

All the family members just adore the puppy.Due to these kind people many stray dogs can be rescued and given a second opportunity to live.

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