The faithful kitten kept sitting on the manhole waiting for his owners to come back. He refused to move from this place as this is the place where his owners had left him


A faitful cat is sitting on the place where his owners left him. He did not move from that place. He is so smart and cute.

He refuses to go somewhere or to do a step. He is just sitting having a great hope to see his owners again.

He was left here by his owner who drove his car and went away. The true feline just sits and looks at the direction where his owners went away by their car.

The photos of this cute cat were downloaded on social media. His owners sold their house and moved somewhere to live.

They left the feline behind and did not even think about him. The photos attracted many people and he became famous among people.

Unluckily, he does not have a forever home now. We just hope that some day he will be adopted as the sweet feline deserves to be looked after and taken care of.

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