A kitten was found thrown away in a bag as a litter near the garbage box


A woman went to throw away the litter but she couls not even think that this time while throwing the litter she will notice something extaordinary.

She saw a bag and there was something moving inside the bag. After throwing the litter she opened the bag and found out a weak and exhausted kitten. The kitten was left here by cruel owners.

Unluckily the feline was malnurished and had problem connected with nerve system. Because of infections she has become blind. She suffered badly in pain.

The woman immediately took the kitten to the animal clinic. She was examined here by vets.

The cat has been in serious troubles and there was little hope that she will survive. She has overcome many difficulties.

The cat was strong and she struggled for her life. Due to the professional vets the cat was rescued. The cat was named Hero. She was really a hero.

She needs love and care and always gives hugs to those people who saved her life . She always wants attention and though she was treated badly she was now so lovely towards people.

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