A faithful dog refuses to leave the front of house and still waits for his owners who left him outdoors and went away


A dog was standing in front his owner’s house. He looked very hopeless as he was waiting somebody to open the door. The dog was named Cupid.

Unluckily, the family members had left the dog and had gone somewhere to celebrate Chrismas. The dog refused to live the door and even he slept in front of the house.

One of the neighbours wanted to help and called the Speranza Animal rescue team. The rescue team convienced the puppy to go with them.

With many efforts and hard work he was taken to an animal rescue centre. He was fed properly.

The dog is very surprised and confused. He even seemed to get used to this life with his new dog friends. He wagged his tail as a sign of happiness.

The dog was also examined and given proper treatment. We hope he will soon be adopted. He will have a loving forever home.

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