This faithful dog did not leave his owner’s side who became unconscious and was damaged after falling down


A terrible accident happened to a man named Jesus Hueche. The man was cutting the branches of his tree. Unfortunately, he slided and fell down on the ground.

The man became unconscious as he hit his head on the ground. His dog was there by his side until the ambulance came.

Even when the doctors tried to put the neck brace. The dog hugged his owner not wanting to leave him.

This dog ia so loyal to his owner. Due to his hug the man’s awareness  recovered.

The dog did encourage the man to be courageous and to overcome the injury.

The dog even wanted to go with the ambulance and jumped into the ambulance car.The man did not have serious injures that is why he recovered very quickly. They soon met each other.

The man even said that the dog is a son for him. The dog was adopted and taken home from street. Now they take care of each other and have become faithful and devoted friends.

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