The cute dog refuses to go anywhere from the hospital without his owner who unluckily passed away because of COVID-19


Here is a story about a dog whose owner died of coronavirus. He was taken to a hospital 5 days ago but unluckily he passed away in China.

His dog named Xiao Bao was only 7 years old. The meaning of his name is “Little treasure”.

The cleaner of the hospital said that the dog was in the hospital all the time and does not want to go. He refused to leave the hospital without his owner. He did not give up.

As there were complaints connected with the dog standing or walking in the lobby the hospital staff called animal protection organization to take the cute dog.

Even it was rather difficult to convince the dog to come with them but they succeeded.

Now the dog is loved and taken care of.  We hope  the dog will be adopted and soon  he will have a lovely forever home.

Here is the video of the dog:

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