The brave mother dog dives in the muddy hole to rescue her puppy from drowning in the water


A courageous mother dog made every effort to rescue her puppy from drowning deep in the hole.

The dog dug the hole which was flooded to save the puppy fell into the muddy hole. A kind man helped the mother dog to carry water out to save the small puppy.

The mother dog dived into the muddy hole alone. After some time the mother dog returned with the small puppy in her jaws.

For some time the dog seemed lifeless. The dog did not respond. But due to the people the dog was given CPR. Luckily, the dog revived.

The mother returned to the two puppies with the rescued puppy. Thanks to the helpers the mother dog and her puppies are safe and sound.

Mother instinct of the dog made her so brave. The mother dog did not even think about her own life.

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