A devoted dog reacts in such a sweet way seeing the photo of her dead friend


A dog named Lucy is a great friend to a dog named Lola. The two dogs became true friends. They were inseperable.

The dogs did not leave each other’s side. At first when the dog named Lucy was brought to the family Lola did not get along with her easily.

After some time they made friends and shared everything together. Unluckily, the dog named Lucy had serious health problems.

The dog Lola comforted and looked after her. They both were so sweet.Lucy was 10 years older than Lola.Unfortunately, the dog Lucy passed away.

They were friends for already four years.Lola did not see her  friend dying and always waited for her. She understood that she will not see her friend again.

The owner of the dog put a picture of the dead dog on the shelf. The dog Lola looked at this picture without taking his eyes from the picture. When she first saw the picture she wagged her tail.

It was obvious the dog missed her friend. The dog will overcome this difficult loss of her friend. Her owner does everything to support her. These two dogs were really devoted and true friends.

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