A beautiful scene. A volunteer could calm down the dogs by singing and playing the guitar for the stray dogs in the shelter


A volunteer made the day of stray puppies happier.  He is a music lover and animal lover.As people dogs also enjoy music.

The man visited a shelter and started to play the guitar and sing for the dogs.The dogs were surprised and expressed their positive feelings as the man started to play the guitar.

The man whose name is Chad Olds is a volunteer  in an animal shelter. He played his guitar for the crowd but that day he made a desicion to take his guitar with him to the shelter.


The animals really enjoyed the music and the man was surprised how they liked the music.

The dogs stopped barking and expressed their true feeling that the music made them calm down. The dogs were quiet and this moment was so heartwarming.

The scene how the dogs watch and listen the music is very heart touching. The furry babies deserved this. Thanks to this man the puppies had a bright and remarkable day.

Here is the video:

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