A couple noticed a scared pregnant dog in the street and made a desicion to adopt the mother dog. The dog expressed her gratitude with tears of happiness


A couple was having something to eat at a lunchtime at a fast food stand. At that time they noticed a dog near the windows that a dog was just looking at them.

The dog seemed scared and hopeless. The dog did not beg anything but looked at the couple without taking her eyes off the couple. The owner of the stand shooed the dog away.

The dog made an impression on the couple even when they left the fast food stand. When the couple was driving the car home. They saw the dog again.

They noticed that the dog was pregnant. They did not hesitate and helped the dog. As the dog was nervous and afraid they convinced the dog to come with them. They gave food and put the dog into their car carefully. The dog started to cry when she felt she was rescued.

When the dog was in the car, the dog expressed her gratitude feeling safety and comfort. The dog was named Poppy. They took the dog  to the vet for the examination and for being cleared from worms and fleas.

The couple had already rescued dogs and this dog also got along with other dogs. The dog will be a great mom for her puppies.

The couple won’t leave the puppy and will always support her. The dog is loved and taken care of.

The mother dog is in the centre of attention. In recent times she has become lively and full of energy. The mother dog will soon give birth to her puppies.

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