True friends. A loyal dog did not stop crying from grief when he was seperated from his close friend


Animals in the shelter always have a bad past and their future is not clear. This story is about two dogs who were inseperable and devoted friends.

The shelter put the dogs for the adoption. The staff always hoped the two dogs would be adopted by one owner and would be always with each other.

The dog did not stay long in the the owner’s house as the dog cried and could not live without his friend. The dog was taken back to the shelter.

Soon the two dogs were adopted by a man. The former owner of the dog lost his house and brought the dogs to the shelter and told that they could not live without one another.

One of the dogs was named Rocky and the other was named Schwabbo. Rocky always looked after Schwabbo. The two dogs were loyal friends and their bond was too tight.

When one of the dogs Rocky was adopted and the other dog Schwabbo stayed in the shelter. The two dogs were in grief. Luckily, both of them live in the same house now. Their reunion was so touching and heart warming.

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