A man smashes through his floor to rescue a kitten moments away from drowning in the flood waters


There was heavy rain in Texas. The heavy rain washed out many homes. Many families were left displaced.

A couple had serious damages. The wife whose name is Vannah Vercetti and her husband tried to do their best to rescue their kittens from the dangerous state.

The family could save the kittens bringing them into the house. One kitten named Blanca was left outdoors. The kitten hid under the house.

As the water was begining to rise beneath the house the kitten got trapped. The family heard the noises of the hopeless kitten.

The wife started to cry losing his hope to rescue the kitten. The devstating cries of the kitten was unbearable.

The husband acted quickly. He took the hammer and started to smash the floor and get the kitten out. The wife calmed down when she saw the cat was rescued.

Now the kitten does not leave the woman’s side and goes after the woman where she goes. She meows and loves cuddles with the woman.

She behaves so sweet knowing that she was just rescued thanks to her caring family.The wife even said that the hole in the floor does not matter, the most important thing is that there won’t be  a hole in the heart.  Nowdays the kitten lives happily and safe.

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