A kind woman turns her house into dog hospice and looks after elderly 80 dogs at once


A woman whose name is Valerie Reid could not let the elderly dogs die all alone. The woman decided to do something for these hopeless dogs and create a hospice.

She turned her house into a hospice. She rescues dogs whose owners passed away or were left in the animal shelter for a very long period of time.

She also takes the elderly dogs whose owners had moved into retirement homes. She has rescued more than 790 elderly dogs.

Now she has 80 dogs and 17 full staff members who work 24 hours to look after for the dogs.

The woman started this job when she saw how her dad got older and could not take care of the elderly dog. She started to think how many such dogs are left and started this work.

The dogs transform very quickly when they get love and care that they deserve. Their home is 3,000 square foot. The outbuilding for the elderly dogs is 1,700 square foot.

They are a complete family who love each other and never let each other’s side in the difficult times.

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