A hilarious footage how the cat interrupts his academic owner’s live TV interview


A writer, political scientist and a historian is from Poland. His name is Dr. Jerzy Targalski.

The man is rather famous for his fame but also for his affecion towards cats. In one of the TV interviews he reveals this.

The scientist turns out to be fond of cats. It is as if he wears them on his head. In one of his interviews his cat appears on his head and does not want to leave his side.

The cute cat is yellow coloured. The cat is named Lisio. At first the cat climbs on the scientist’s arm, then to the shoulder and after some time on her head. The sweet feline licked the ear of the man.

The cat decided that the attention should be on him. This is not the first case that the cat interupts the interview.

But the historician continues answering to the questions. It is obvious the man loves cats as he has many cats. This is noteable from his facebook page.

Here is the hilarious video:

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