Love is blind. A cat described as “0 eyes, 1 big heart”. A cat from Greece finds a forever home in Londoner’s home


A cat whose name is Dmitri does not give up on life. Unluckily, he lost his eyesight because of infection.

He has a forever home now. The cat is from Grecce. His owner’s name is Emma. Emma is a Londoner.

Love is blind and this cat is a true proof of this. The cute cat has a good sense of hearing, feeling and touching. The cute cat uses his paws to touch and feel the corners of the room.

The cat deals with the surrounding perfectly. He loves humans very much. He shows his affection towards the world.

The cat follows his dream. He likes to play the piano and wants to be the first cat pianist.

The cat has a Tik Tok where his description is wrote as a  “0 eyed and 1 big heart” cat. The cat spreads love and likes to hug his owner’s feet”.

Emma says that she has always wanted to have a blind cat as she knew that they are neglected. They need much care and love. Now they live together happily. The cat is loved and taken care of.

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