Watch the beautiful homecoming video. The deaf terrier mix caught off guard when he spotted his owner walking towards him


A dog named Noelle is a deaf terrier. The dog is very fond of his owner. The dog had to say goodbye to his owner for a short period of time.

His owner was going to a training mission in the army. This was rather difficult period of time for the dog.

The dog was very sad at this period of time. The dog glummed. The soldier’s friends visited the dog which was at a pet rescue. One day one of his friends decided to take the dog with him.

He wanted to make a surprise for his friend. Here the dog and his owner would be reunited together. The dog was just lying in the cage.

As the owner approached to the cage the dog started to wag his tail. He felt that his owner is coming closer and opening the cage.

The scene was very touching. The dog sprang on the soldier. Both of them were
overexcited to see each other and be reunited again.

The dog missed his owner and remembered him every time. It was obvious their bond has been very tight.

We hope they will not have to be apart anymore.

Here is the heartwarming video:

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