A store opened its doors for a stray dog to cool off during heat wave


Stray dogs are always in danger of weather conditions. They are always in risk of bad or good weather.

The homeless dogs do not have shelters to hide from sun, rain or snow. Life is very tough for those homeless dogs.

A store made a desicion to make the hot summer days cooler. The picture of a dog lying on the floor and cooling went viral in the social media.

One of the clients captured the scene. The staff let the dog inside. They wanted to feed, give water and toy as well as provide him with coolness as the dog suffered from hot weather.

They just thought that it would be difficult for the dog to cool off in the hot weather. The dog looks happier in the store as the weather is hell-like outdoors.

One of the clients whose name is Adolfo Pazzi Ahumada noticed the dog. The man just could not pass by and asked about the dog.

Knowing the story of the dog the man could not conceal his tears and  bought the dog treats.

Kindness is always appreciated. Small things also matter and being kind to the dog in need of care ia very essential.

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