A cat rescued an innocent baby left abandoned in the box in the basement


Being kind to animals and people is always appreciated. People should be kind to animals and humans.

Animals are also kind and they can do many things to save people in need of help. Animals are able to understand emotions and feeling. They even help to deal with difficulties.

Once, an owner of the cat heard her cat meowing very excitedly and non stop. The feline was not usually like that. It was as if the cat wanted to alert her owner about something.

When the woman opened the door she saw a baby in a box and her cat lying next to the baby in the box. The cat warmed the baby and protected her until somebody would come to help.

The woman took the baby to hospital. The cat could not just look at the scene and ran after the car. The cat was worried about the state of the baby.

The cat really acted heroicly. The cat is worth praising. The cat rescued the baby as she understood that the baby was in trouble. There is much humanity in the cat rather than in the human who left the innocent baby.

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