She gives the dog to the disabled boy and the reaction is wordless


Dogs are devoted four-legged friends who give a lot without demanding anything in return. Dogs are able to change the life of disabled people for the better.



The life of the boy whose name is Hugh and the dog which name is named Barney.
The eight years old boy suffers from genetic disorder since he was born.

The name of the illness is FOXG1 syndrome. The boy has abnormality connected with brain both development and structural.

The boy does not move properly. He makes even eyes contact with much difficulty. The dog has also speech problems. When Hugh met the dog his life changed abruptly.

The dog gave sense to the life of the boy. As the dog snuggled with the boy, the boy started to touch the dog.

The dog had a positive influence on the boy. The mother of the boy decided to adopt the dog. Having a dog in their house was a right idea.

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