The cute and adorable labrador became a parent for 9 orphaned ducklings showing them love and care


A family is a precious thing described as a group of two or more people connected by birth.

A family consisting of different species of animals is a different thing but very interesting.

A cute labrador has a big family as his owners whose names are Jo and Jermy are fond of rescueing different animals. The labradir is named Fred.

The labrador and his big family live in Mountfitchet castle. The big dog is a brother for these animals. The rescued animals had a bad past.

He was always by their side and did his best to help and guard them. Once there were tiny ducklings wondering near the castle.

The staff tried to find their mom but in vain. They immediately thought that their mom would have been a pray for the fox.

They took the ducklings so that the ducklings will not a pray, either. The dog took care of the cute ducklings and the ducklings folled him considering the labrador as their mother.

They do not only eat or sleep together but also swim together in the pond. The dog proves that there can be tight families in different species of animals.

Their tight bond is thanks to their unconditional and poor love.

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