Watch the sweet and beautiful moment a pint sized little puppies use stairs for the first time in thier life


Using the stairs for a pint sized little puppy is a pretty challenging though it might seem as a piece of cake.

Two lovely pint sized tiny Shih Tzu puppies are in such challenging situation to find themselves in front of the biggest challenge of their lives when they understood they have to go down the stairs all by themselves.

But it does not matter how hazardous and scary it is, everything gets much more easier and lighter when your family is by your side to help you and to give you extra strength.

Reece and Charlotte , two lovely tiny puppies find themselves in a difficult situation when they have to use the stairs for the first time in their life.

It takes a whole family to uplift the two puppies to make the big step. While their human dad tries to make them happy, Rosie the dog also shows her help.

Even the family cat make her appearance to give strength and support the two little fur balls.

The family motivation actually pays off as the white and black Charlotte finds the strength to make the big step to the happiness of everyone there.

The brownie Reece seems to need a little bit of extra motivation. Even Charlotte is now trying to encourage his furry friend and make him beleive that it is more easier than they both thought and after a few attempts the little puppy succeeded.

Herr is the footage.

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