The parrot Daddy. A sweet and heartmelting footage showing true emotions and tight bond between an owner and his six parrots
This man adores parrots.He raised them from the moment they hatched. The different coloured parrots complete his day.   The footage will melt your heart.
A Happy Tiny Bulldog Is So Excited And Happy To Meet His Hero
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One of the worst things is when your children talk back to you, it is bad enough, but what makes these things even worse is when your dog learns how to
A baby goat with 22-inch big ears becomes a star and he might the goat having the longest goat ears in the world
Some animals are born with extraordinarily huge ears, just like in the movie Dumbo. This feature makes them different also makes them very unique.
A cute innocent Beagle sees the sunshine for the first time after being rescued from his cage
This story is about a Beagle named Samson, lived a very harsh and tough life. The dog did not know anything but staying in steel cage waiting impatiently
A sociable family dog insists on helping window cleaner by bringing him a toy
This story is a sweet golden retriever who is about a 4-year-old. The cute dog was named Tofu. The cute dog adores welcoming guests and this is very important for him.