Man Finds Collapsed Dog In A Heavy Rain After Her Owner Of 15 Years Passes Away


Masha had been with her owner for 15 years. When she passed away, the dog was found collapsed under a bench out in the rain. The neighbor lady wanted to help but didn’t know how, but rescuer Irina S. arrived on the scene to check out the situation.

The dog looked so sad and was sopping wet. After eating a little bit, Masha seemed in a hurry to leave. But she got up and only took a few steps before falling again…

Not only did this dog just lose her entire world, but there was also something clearly wrong with her physically. They got her to the vet where they discovered a disc was compressed into her spine, and she had bladder and liver stones.

She was treated but would still need surgery to walk again. Most people would’ve given up on such an old dog, but not them.

See Masha today in her new life all healthy and smiling away!

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