You sir have a big heart! Thank you for showing kindness when least expected.A dog is shielded from the rain by a security officer.


In Giffnock, Scotland, UK, a secu.rity guard at a grocery was honored for a heroic gesture. He was applauded for [shie.lding] a dogs with an umbrella .

Ethan Dearman was ca.ught carrying an umbre.lla over a dog outs.ide of shops to shield him from the rain while working outside the busi.nesses.

Mel, a ta.ttoo artist from Glasgow who was there at the time, He to cap.ture beautiful this man’s actions.
We hope Ethan’s action serves as an example to follow.

Very good officer to pro.tect his dog. Be wonderful to have more p.eople around like this.

We’ll done YOUNG Man ha.ving a stunning days with you.r special fur is ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE JU.ST love the way you did it.
Tha.nk you for your loving heart that was so kin.d of you .

He has a kin.d soul for the dog dry. What a lovely kind thing to do. This has a gian.t heart.

God bless you Young Man. Bless him.

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