Footage. Owner Pretends To Throw Ball And Captured The Exact Moment Husky Realizes He Was Betrayed


We have all played throw and catch with our dogs. But have you ever fooled your dog while playing? I mean, have you ever tried to pretend like you are throwing the ball without actually throwing the ball?

Well, Jasmine Milton, owner of a Siberian husky tried this; and Anuko the Siberian husky was not impressed.

Ms. Milton captured the facial expressions of the betrayed dog and they are so cute and hilarious!! She is a psychology student from Aylesbury, and soon became a viral hit on Twitter. Despite Anuko’s stern looks, Milton says he’s a source of joy in her life.

“I got Anuko shortly after I was treated with having depression, and ever since Anuko has lifted any downs I’ve ever had,” reports Woman’s Day.

“He has forced me to go out when all I wanted to do was lay in bed. He has made me laugh when nobody else was able to, and now he’s making the rest of the world laugh. He’s my hero and definitely more than just a pretty face!”

This serious husky is a little over one year and has been giving “the same look” since he was a pup. Anuko is now involved in a husky training on the Snow Dog Guru website.

We wish good health and happiness to Anuko and his mommy!

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