A devoted friend. A smart fluffy cat named Trigger called for help when her owner had a stroke


A cat whose name is Trigger acted very quickly calling for a help for his owner who had a stroke.

The woman was working in the kitchen when the butter knife fell on the floor. The woman tired to take the knife from the floor when she had a stroke.

She felt very bad and was about to fall on the ground. Her 13 years old cat was by her side. The woman called her daughter Mary.


But Mary did not listen as the voice was low. The woman asked the cat for a help. She asked the cat to meow loudly to wake Mary up and attract her attention.

The daughter came and called 911. The ambulance came and took the woman to the hospital. She will be cured here. The doctors will inject a medicine that will thin the blood on time.

Thanks to the smart fluffy cat the woman is rescued and will live happily with her beloved cat. The first thing that the woman did when she returned home was to hug her favourite cat tightly.

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