Video. A friendly cat and a horse are true inseperable friends which have a fine morning routine every day
Here is a story about unbelievable friendship between two different species of animals. The friendship between a horse and a cat is already 7 years.
Incredible cute and funny video. Three Alaskan Malamutes enjoy singing songs in harmony on their way to the groomer
Here is a funny video about three cute Alaskan Malamutes. Malamutes are famous to be very sociable and noisy. They have a habbit of making noises.
A lost baby moose met a soldier in the forest and asked the soldier for help
A soldier whose name is Erich Jyri Prikko was in the forest. The man participated in the military exercises. He is such a kind-hearted man.
Such a cute scene. Family looks out of the window and what they see makes their heart melt
A cute dog named Bailey is a very sweet dog. The dog spreads love and care everywhere she goes. This time the dog showed her true value that is worth praising.
Video.A beautiful moment. A tear-jerking reunion of a dog with the owner after spending 2 years in the animal shelter
A cute dog named Pakita loved to ran away from the yard. The dog liked adventures very much. Every time she ran away he used to return back.
A cute video.The unlikely friends. A golden retriever and a duck became inseperable and true friends
The owner of the golden retriever decided to have ducks. The name of the owner is Pam. She added 7 Pekin ducks in his farm. It was obvious that the golden
The homeless dog does not stop hugging and kissing the vet who rescued his life
Dogs tend to be grateful for everything that a person does for them. Even when the owner takes them for a walk or treats something. Here is a story about