An old dog was abondened by his owner and was seen roaming outdoors and asking for food
A dog named Ray is a breed of labrador retriever. He is 8 years old dog. The labrador retriever was seen roaming abondened in the terrace of California
Video. A cute and miraculous dog is able to save his owner bringing him out of terrible coma and giving a second chance to live
A saved hound gives back the help and recues his owner giving the owner a second chance. He was able to bring the life of his owner. The smart dog did
A pit bull which was used as a fighting dog, unfortunately now it has lost his ears. Despite all the difficulties he still continues to smile
A good and kind-hearted man found a dog badly hurt in South Carolina, nearby New York. York County Animal Control brought the Pit Bull Terrier in to be
Video. A tiny dog was using a boot as a shelter before a man found the puppy thrown away in the litter and saved him
A man named Goran Marinkovich always feeds unsheltered and roaming dogs. Once when he was doing his everyday feeding proccess he noticed a weak and very tiny dog.
A sweet dog which lives in a shelter shows his hand as a sign of greeting with those people who pass near his cage
A dog named Speck lives in  the Bullock County Humane Society in Alabama. If a person passes by the dog  the dog never forgets to say  “Hi” to passerbies.
A dog was treated badly being thrown away in the trash bin and was hardly able to lift his body when a group of rescuers noticed him
It is very nice that there are many kind, caring, warm hearted and good doing people. Nikki Rubino noticed this sweet puppy nearby sports centre.
The kind hearted woman named Danielle Eden decided to adopt all the dogs in the shelter and look after them
A woman named Danielle Eden was a originator of animal shelter in Ontario. She spent all his life rescueing and keeping many dogs from shelters.
A firefighter who rescued the dog twice made a decison to adopt the dog
Once firefighters had call of flat fire in Des Moines, Iowa. The firefighters did not know that they will see a dog shut in Firefighter Malcolm Cortner.
The orphan and tiny dog is very sad and heartbroken as his owners had to sell the cow who became a mother for him
Animals spread love and care and frequently shock us with their uncomparable and unconditional love. Many people do not notice this love.
Video. The time the dog realizes her owners left him and will not return
This is a story about a dog named Electra. He is four years old. It is a breed of pitbull. The dog realizes that his old owners left him abandoned.