A heartwarming story about two abondened visionless kittens who lead each other everywhere they go and whatever they do
The time the kind hearted woman noticed two tiny cats outdoors in the yard, she saw that the kittens were wholly indivisible. They ate very little and
Video. Heroic act. How two men who went for fishing could rescue two abondened cats in water by their former owner
The time Brandon Key and Jason Frost decided to go in for fishing in Alabama. They did not even think that what cute creatures they would see and save.
A heroic and strong kitten. A kitten named “Able” is able to do everything though he suffered badly losing his tail and front legs
An adoreable cat named Able can do what other normal cats do. But unfortunately the kitten has lost his legs because of terrible accident.
A kitten who is paralysed, finally has a second chance to walk
A cat who was left alone was taken to a veterinarian with serious injures on legs. He was given an oportunity to to walk once more by the members of the
A real fighter. The cute kitten was bitten by a furious dog, luckily he still survives.
The time the kitten was brought to the animal hospital the vets were surprised to see the look of kitten. The kitten was in a terrible state her head was
Video. A strong cat could overcome his bad health state after being hit by a car
There are many unsheltered dogs and cats in Bulgaria. This is a story about a kitten. The kitten is named Mikey. Unfortunately, he was badly kicked by a car.
PHOTOS. The kitten was left all alone freezing from severe cold in the streets until a kind woman helped the poor kitten
The owners of the cat made a decision to leave the cat outdoors. The kitten was not used to living outdoors and was not aware of living in bad weather
PHOTOS. A strong and positive kitten. A paralyzed cat melts people’s hearts by his positive expressions on his face
A cat named Rexie is a true example that being handicapped is not a sentence. He is 3 years old. Unfotunately he has a disability, his backbone is smashed
It is very difficult to find a forever home for this kitten who has a ginormous tumor on his face
It is very tough to be an unsheltered animal, but when the pet is handicapped or has health problems is worse and more difficult. And unluckily for many
PHOTO. True and faithful friends.The kind-hearted lad always visits the cat with an unusual appearance
This cute and sweet cat Ace lost his eye after being saved. The time he was taken to the shelter they noticed the cat had an eye inflammation.